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"A place to call home when you are alone."

About ZuZu's House

Zuzu’s House was created with homeless girls in mind and wanting them to have a chance at a better life. Giving them an opportunity to have a warm meal, soft bed and a kind person to talk to. This maybe something they have longed to do but have not had the chance or it was suddenly taken away from them.

While a teen girl is at Zuzu’s House, she would have the opportunity to learn life skills for daily living, have assistance in searching and obtaining employment, as well as transportation to and from school or work. Zuzu’s House is not meant to be a long-term plan for living; it is to be a place where they can feel safe and secure enough to begin trusting and finding a path to a stable future.We are here to help them along that journey.

At Zuzu’s House, the house parents will be on site 24/7 and be available for all their needs. They will be cared for just as if they were their own children. Everyone needs a place to call home.

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